How to improve the customer experience in a customer portal?

Jose Salsaa
Nov 17, 2022 3:27:27 PM

One of the biggest customer frustrations is waiting when requesting help from the IT support team through a customer portal. We all have been there, waiting for an IT agent's assistance. This blog post will show you how to reduce waiting times and enhance customer satisfaction on a customer portal, specifically in Jira Service Management.

How many times have you been in the customer portal wondering how long it will take to get a response? How many times have you rechecked to see if you've heard back? Just like you, customer portal customers need answers to these questions.

Increasing the number of support team staff or customer service hours will lead to greater agility in helping customers, but it will not eliminate the frustration caused by waiting. Frustration can be eliminated by giving customers as much information as possible about their requests during their waiting time.

In the Atlassian Marketplace, there are solutions that help improve customer experience in the customer portal by providing further information related to specific SLAs. The fact that service times shouldn't exceed certain limits doesn't mean the agent's response will take that same time to answer. Providing this information to the customer helps to reduce the uncertainty between the moment to raise the request in the portal and the maximum waiting time to get an answer.

What information helps reduce frustration?

Offering the customer all the possible information regarding their waits, such as the position of their ticket or request in the queue or the work status of the support team on the request. These qualities can be found in the app for Jira Service Management, Quesuespot (formerly Waiting List), available in the Atlassian Marketplace. This information is shown in two different places:

  1. Customer Portal: Since the main objective of this app is to be transparent to the customer, the information panel is placed in the customer portal, where customers can find as much information as possible about their requests.

  2. Jira Issue: Queuespot (formerly Waiting List) will also display its information panel to Jira agents who are supporting customers. This information will be the same as what's displayed on the portal to customers.

What does the app provide?

Waiting List is now Queuespot, available in the Atlassian MarketplaceAfter the sudden success of the app, we chose to change the name of Waiting List to Queuespot.

As we've seen above, this app will provide the customer with the necessary information regarding the current incident situation. 

 1. The position of the customer's ticket on the queue. The app shows how many tickets are before the customer. This position will be reduced as previous tickets are answered.

Customer ticket position queue Waiting List app for Jira Service Management

2. Average time spent on other tickets. The calculation shows the average time spent solving past incidents. It's shown only when the SLA is running. 

The average time spent on solving past tickets

3. The customer is notified if someone is attending the queue. Queuespot shows the activity status of the SLA, and it considers its calendar configuration or conditions in the time metric.

el equipo esta activo

el equipo no esta activo


Queuespot is an app for Jira Service Management fully aligned with ITIL's 4 fundamental pillars, fostering better collaboration, promoting visibility, and building trust through transparency, by sharing what's the progress with the customer. By using Queuespot customers will:

  •    Communicate better with IT support.
  •    Reduce frustration.
  •    Reduce uncertainty.

Queuespot is a solution that promises better engagement and a seamless customer experience; this Atlassian Marketplace app helps to provide better customer support, eliminating uncertainty regarding support teams' work.


Learn how you can improve the experience in a customer portal with Queuespot 

Download Queuespot now, and start using a solution that provides a better customer experience, this app is in the Atlassian Marketplace, and you can start testing it for free.


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