Benefits of choosing Jira Cloud: Important features and apps

Federico Baronti
Sep 27, 2023 5:25:00 PM

If you're looking for a complete and suitable way to manage your work with an Atlassian product such as Jira Cloud, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, we'll show you the benefits of Jira Cloud for work management through a set of features and apps. We'll see how Jira Cloud helps organizations improve productivity, automate tasks, and collaborate more efficiently.

Nowadays, hosting software products in the Cloud  (at least 89% of companies) is a preferred platform for work management. Jira Cloud, the cloud-based version of Jira, offers a range of advantages that make it the ideal choice for organizations of all sizes. We'll explain this further through some unique features and apps. Let's start from the beginning:

What is Jira Cloud?

Jira Cloud is a cloud-based work management platform that helps organizations plan, track, and manage their work. Jira Cloud offers a set of features and functionalities that assist organizations in becoming more efficient and productive.

Some unique Jira Cloud features:

  1. Search in the main navigation: Jira Cloud includes a search feature in the main navigation that allows users to quickly search for issues, projects, and other items.

  2. Project issue browser: Jira Cloud includes this browser that allows users to view all the issues of a project in one place:
    The Jira issue browser allows users to view all the issues of a project in just one place

  3. Issue view: Jira Cloud includes an improved issue view that provides an overview of an issue, including its status, priority, assignments, and comments.

  4. Built-in automation: Jira Cloud offers powerful built-in automation that allows users to automate repetitive tasks.

  5. Centralized dashboard in "Your work" area: Jira Cloud includes a centralized dashboard in "Your work" that displays all the tasks and projects the user is involved in.

  6. Notification settings: Jira Cloud offers greater flexibility in the notification settings panel, allowing users to receive notifications for relevant changes:
    The Jira Cloud notifications panel

  7. Inline edits: Most Jira cloud views allow making inline editions, as the name suggests. This makes the experience considerably better.

  8. Project boards: It's a feature you can add with Projectrak for Jira. It enables a Project board just like the same Jira provides for issues but for projects:
    The Project Board feature from Projectrak allows to view projects as boards in Jira Cloud

  9. Project timeline: It's another Projectrak feature that allows you to get a big picture of the duration and current status of your projects in Jira Cloud:
    Get a full overview of Jira cloud projects with the app Projectrak

  10. Tighter integrations: Jira Cloud integrates with other Atlassian and third-party tools, making it easier for collaborative work.

  11. Integrated security and compliance: Jira Cloud includes integrated security and compliance features to help organizations protect their data.

                Learn more about security and compliance features for Atlassian Cloud >>

  12. Flexible pricing plans: Jira Cloud offers flexible pricing plans that cater to the needs of organizations of all sizes, which might seem costly initially, but it's an investment for the long run. Learn why.
Some useful Jira Cloud's apps:

Besides those native features the software product offers, there are also a series of apps from the Atlassian Marketplace that are only available for Cloud products, such as:

  1. Budgety for project budget management and cost tracking in Jira: Budgety is a simple and intuitive cost and budget tracker that helps to manage project expenses.
    Budgety is an Atlassian Marketplace app for project budget management and cost tracking in Jira

  2. Mantra - Confluence intranet: This app is fully integrated within Confluence Cloud, designed to promote communication, collaboration, and efficiency within your organization through news, posts, events, themes, etc.
    Mantra is an Atlassian Marketplace app for Confluence Cloud to provide Intranet for companies

  3. SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira: This enterprise-grade app allows the building of complex models in SAP Analytics Cloud based on Jira data. It has a simple interface to export Jira data to SAP Analytics Cloud without the need of coding skills.
    The SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira is an app available in the Atlassian Marketplace

  4. Attachment Tags for Jira: This app helps you tag attachments with labels and categorize and search attachments easily.
    SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira Cloud available in the Atlassian Marketplace

  5. Released for Jira Cloud: It's an AI release notes & changelog Automation for Jira that engages your customers and keeps them in the loop with stunning release notes effortlessly generated from your Jira tickets. Say goodbye to the tedious compilation of changes and hello to automatized release notes.
    Released for Jira Cloud it's an AI release notes & changelog Automation app available in the Atlassian Marketplace

Cloud is here, and it's here to stay. In the context of Atlassian Cloud, if you're considering migrating to this option, don't think about the things you do in Data Center that you'll miss in Cloud. Atlassian Cloud is built different, and processes are other there. There are things you can do in Cloud that you will never be able to do in Data Center. It's a complex scenario that will ultimately depend on your and your team's needs. Don't get left behind. Contact us if you need further guidance.

Enhance your Jira Cloud for project budget management and cost tracking

Enhance Jira Cloud for project budget management

Among the many features and apps we went through, Budgety stands out, given its ease of inputting and monitoring financial data about the projects you're running there.

Keep tight control of the economic information in Jira in a simple way. Control your direct and indirect costs and start tracking the impact on allocated budgets across a project portfolio. Imagine the possibilities:


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