Using Jira data in Excel and CSV

Federico Baronti
Oct 18, 2023 5:09:48 PM

There are multiple methods to export data from Jira to be processed in Excel. By going through this blog post, you'll learn how to generate advanced reports without the need to leave Jira behind and, at the same time, explore various ways to leverage Jira data in Excel.l.

The most used software tool by managers is Microsoft Excel, and the second most used would probably be Jira. So, Why not consider using them together? This article will look at ways to exploit Jira data in Excel.

Why Excel remains the preferred tool for managers?

In today's world, with a wide range of technological tools at our disposal, managers' continued use of Excel may seem surprising. However, Excel has maintained relevance in the business world and remains one of the managers' preferred tools for decision-making and data analysis. Next, we will explore the reasons behind this preference and why Excel remains a staple in the business leader's toolkit.

  •    Ease of use: Explanation of the intuitive interface and low barrier to entry.
  •    Versatility: Details on the multiple applications of Excel, from budgeting to project tracking.
  •    Data analysis tool: How Excel makes data and statistical analysis easy.
  •    Customization: The ability to create formulas and macros to customize spreadsheets.
  •    Compatibility: The importance of Excel's compatibility with other applications.
  •    Presentation tool: How Excel is used to create reports and presentations.
  •    History and familiarity: The role of Excel's history in its continued preference.
  •    Security and control: The importance of data security in Excel.
  •    Cost-effective: Comparison of Excel to more expensive tools.

Now, Why is Jira the first choice of managers?

Jira is one of the most popular project management tools among managers. This popularity is due to many factors, including its ease of use, versatility, and powerful collaboration capabilities.

Then, there are reasons why Jira is the preferred tool of managers and helps improve the productivity and efficiency of work teams.

  •    Ease of use: Jira has an intuitive interface that is easy to learn. This makes it an accessible tool for managers with varying levels of experience.

  •    Versatility: Jira can manage a wide range of projects, from small internal projects to large complex projects.

  •    Powerful collaboration capabilities: Jira allows teams to work together efficiently and effectively. This helps to avoid errors and delays.

In this context, let's go through the best way to extract Jira data in Excel or CSV.

Extracting information from Jira

In this article, we explain different ways to export issues from Jira. This time, we will check what information you can extract from Jira:

Using Exporter to export issues to Excel, CSV, and PDF

Extract comments: Exports comments quickly but not only their content. It also extracts the date and author of the comment, as well as the security level of the comment:


Extract transition history: View the entire history of the transitions executed in your issues. With this, you will be able to generate advanced reports, as you will be able to obtain the transition, its date and author, and the time spent in the original state.


Export the approval history: Extracts all information concerning approvals, their final status, date, who has approved, and who has declined.

Using Projectrak to export project data

Export all project data to CSV: Export to CSV all the information about your projects, their status, leader, priority, involvement, and more!


Export to project change history to CSV: For audits or to review your project history information, easily export your entire change history.

As you can see, not only are there different ways to export from Jira, but there is also a lot of information you can extract from Jira to process in an Excel file and generate advanced reports without leaving your computer.

Try Exporter for Jira now

Start exporting your data out of Jira

Sometimes, using your information outside Jira is necessary, which doesn't mean you don't need to stop using the tool. It might be helpful for Jira instances migrations, reports, audits, etc. There are multiple use cases when exporting issues is necessary for the system and the business.

Check the capabilities Exporter for Jira offers to start taking the most out of your data.


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