Export issues to Excel in Jira 7.2.X are not available

Huwen Arnone
Jun 6, 2018 10:40:26 AM

Export issues to Excel is not available in Jira 7.2.XExport issues to Excel are not available in Jira 7.2.X, so, consider to update to this version, aside to the fact that Atlassian politics limited their technical support. Keep reading!

Export Jira issues to an Excel sheet is gone from the Jira dashboards since the 7.2.X version, aside, a change in the Atlassian politics, regarding the technical support is of two years for each major version update was effective starting from this update. 

This native function in Jira used to export issues to an Excel sheet as an .html encapsulated form totally compatible with Excel. Given the nature of that format, it was possible to export only the issue information, and data such as transitions, comments and attachments still got stuck in Jira. An awkward situation at the moment to make reports and/or audits and use all your historical information outside Jira.
Why must teams do transition audits?>

Why Atlassian did such thing?

The decision to take out the native issue export option from Jira 7.2.X was made due to a Microsoft Office security update that prevented users with high-security settings from opening them.

This might seem no change at all; but since Atlassian has repeatedly warned that HTML exports would be discontinued altogether, it seems reasonable to have an alternative or two in sight.

What's new with Exporter for Jira?

DEISER is always active listening all Jira users (well, we read*) and based on the needs and suggestions, we improved Exporter for Jira, an app that export issues to Excel and CSV's formats with each transition, comment and attachment, as you can see in the webinar, below. A pretty good deal, after all, an app is more than just a functionality for us.


7 ways to export your Jira issues

There are more ways to export issues from Jira


Get in-depth about the different alternatives you have at the moment to use your Issues outside Jira.


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