Driving customer success based on AI-powered sentiment analysis

Federico Baronti
Apr 17, 2024 5:22:00 PM

Learn how to identify dissatisfied customers, track their sentiment journey trends, boost customer success using Atlassian's Jira Service Management and Gomood, and ultimately drive business success. This blog post explores how AI-powered sentiment analysis in Jira Service Management (JSM) can help you drive and understand customer emotions and improve their experience.

Are you aware of your customers' service satisfaction? Do you understand their sentiments after interacting with the support service you offer? Can you gauge the overall sentiment of your customer base? If the answer to these questions is ‘no,' it's likely that you're not fully in tune with your customer's needs and experiences, which could lead to a loss of your customer base.

Before continuing to read, please note that this article is based on Jira Service Management (JSM) and Gomood, an app available in the Atlassian Marketplace destiny to improve customer happiness using artificial intelligence (AI).

What is Jira Service Management? 

JSM is a Service Management software designed to help different teams collaborate efficiently. It's useful for managing incidents, problems, changes, and service requests. Jira Service Management extends traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) capabilities to other organizational departments and functions, known as Enterprise Service Management (ESM), which applies ITSM principles and tools to improve service delivery, workflow, and collaboration beyond the IT realm.

What is Gomood? 

It's an app available in the Atlassian Marketplace, designed to provide sentiment and emotion analysis within Jira. Gomood integrates artificial intelligence capabilities to analyze customer sentiments and emotions based on their interactions with Jira issues. This solution helps teams estimate customer mood trends and provides insights for customer service management.

How to understand customer satisfaction better

Understanding how to improve customer satisfaction is pivotal for any business striving to excel in today's competitive landscape, that's why we'll show you a set of Gomood's dashboards that will help you get deeper insights into customer satisfaction levels. Let's explore how to boost customer success effectively:

1. Measure if customer support actions impact the mood of customers

By using Gomood, it's possible to analyze each customer interaction on every ticket. If they are negative, you can decide how to improve and analyze them in the next interaction to check for improvement or not. It's not just about solving customers' problems; it's also about improving their mood.

Gomood provides an AI analysis of customer comments and description
Gomood provides an AI analysis of customer comments and description

2. Overview of customers' sentiments

Likely, your support service isn't just for one user, and customers don't have the power to improve your support service. For this reason, it's crucial to have an overview of customers' moods. Gomood facilitates the opportunity to identify through a group of users (issues) the ones with negative feelings, looking for common patterns, and then triggering improvement actions for those groups.

Here are some examples where Gomood helps, providing dashboards with useful customer mood metrics:

  •    Sentiment distribution: It summarizes the emotional state of your project's customers.
    Gomood's sentiment distribution panel
                                                  Gomoood provides the sentiment distribution panel

  •    Sentiment evolution: It summarizes the evolution of customers' feelings about the project.
     Overview sentiment evolution of your customers with Gomood.
                                              Overview of sentiment evolution of your customers with Gomood.

  •    Last emotion distribution: It shows a distribution map with the latest emotions of your customers.
    The last emotion atribution panel from Gomood shows the last emotion showed from the customer.
                               The last emotion distribution panel shows the last customer emotion presumed. 

3. Find the most dissatisfied customers and do something about it

It's important to know, ticket by ticket if your customers are getting angrier or not; having an overall view of this evolution is interesting. However, the most important thing is to easily identify tickets with negative user feelings so you can activate internal actions to improve their mood. This can be from using a softer language to approaching the problem differently. The end purpose of Gomood is to positively impact the customers' mood by monitoring their language. You can perform these actions by following these reports in Godmod's dashboard:

  •    Check these issues now: It alerts the team about those issues whose last comment has been very negative.
    Gomood's Check these issues now shows how critital a ticket can be to attend
                               This panel shows the most critical issues based on the language used in the ticket.

  •    Contact these customers now: It lists the most dissatisfied customers.
                       This panel shows how urgent it is to attend to each customer in order to make them happier. 
                       This panel shows how urgent it's to attend to each customer in order to make them happier. 

If you're using Jira Service Management for customer service support and you're looking to start pushing up the satisfaction of your customers about your products and services, a solution available in the Atlassian Marketplace, such as Gomood, will help you save time and centralize all the necessary information to boost customer experience, as you can see in the video below:


Building long-term relationships with satisfied customers 

Measuring and improving customer satisfaction is essential for success in today's business environment. Techniques such as customer satisfaction surveys, sentiment analysis on social media, and tracking the NPS offer companies valuable tools for understanding and improving the customer experience. Implementing data-based strategies to address customer concerns increases satisfaction and encourages loyalty and long-term growth. Ultimately, commitment to customer satisfaction must be an integral part of the corporate culture, driving all decisions and strategies.

Try Gomood now from the Atlassian Marketplace

Improve your service based on data

Start improving your service management based on data, not perceptions! By tracking and analyzing, using Gomood's dashboard panels, you'll get enough information to enhance iterative cycles to drive customer success.

With the AI-powered sentiment analysis system provided by Gomood, you can start improving the mood of your customers today.


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