alt When there's too much work, sometimes is very difficult for a Project Manager to assign right the incoming projects. That was our principal motivation; that's why we decided to put out into the Atlassian Marketplace this add-on named Workload, one of our favorites (well, all of them are... we always say this...), because of its simplicity and value.

It's the moment for you to experience the traveling in time at work

alt Workload is an add-on that helps you to see the amount of work of every member of your team in the present, and helps you "predict" the tasks, in detail, that every person will have over a period, and how they will spend in those specifical responsibilities.

Is a very simple add-on that will help you to take the right desition at the right time to assign new projects.

How do we make this happen?


It's simple, and no, we don't own an Oracle Crystal Ball... we work with the help of our beloved "workies," an unusual gamma of personalized emoticons, they will help you to identify easier, how busy is every single person on your team.

Also, this add-on provides more detailed information about:

  • Relate which correctly task is running each team member.
  • Easily identify by date, the work, and priority each worker has.
  • Display per user, user groups or users on a project.
  • Create views using specific criteria.

If you are slightly interested in knowing more about this add-on, be sure to join webinar we will throw next Thursday, June 15 at 17:00h CEST.

Get into your team's future.

Start using Workload!