alt In recent newsn the matter of getting better results for your project management game, we integrated our project custom fields creator, an add-on for JIRA, Profields, with eazy-BI, another add-on that allows you to create custom charts easily and dashboard gadgets for your JIRA report.

Here we offer a short review of how to take advantage of this great integration for your projects:

First Step! To have Project Fields

alt First of all, you need to acquire Profields for JIRA in the Atlassian Market, once you have it, now is time to create a Scheme in Profields as you can see in this first image.

alt It's time to create the custom fields you need for your project

alt In this frame, you can see how to link the schemes to your projects.

alt Important! Remember to give the values to your Profields Project Navigator.

How can we get that Profields information into eazyBI charts?

alt Import all the information you need by clicking into the Settings field in eazyBI. There you will see new fields. Our Profields!

alt Select the details you want to Import, depending on the range you want to measure; by Dimension, Measure or Property, in the datacube, depending on our needs and the field you want to work with it.

Finally, import the information you selected.

How to use it?

It looks so great, but I want to start reporting!

alt Once you get into the Reports editor, in eazyBI, you will see a new Profields section with all the fields chosen: Lists, users, and others.

alt By selecting the "Measures" field, you`ll see a Profields section with all this information calculated thanks to this DEISER add-on for JIRA.

alt In the "Calculated Members," you can see all Profields information as "Properties" into the datacube.

alt To generate reports only with Profields information, you will have to add the "Projects" field (Only if you want information about your projects) and then select "Measures" with the desired fields marked.

alt Now's time to start reporting with great information and excellent graphics; it's simple. Take this as an example:

  • Create colorful charts, by showing the relation cost / Initial project estimation.

alt - Create a "cake type" graphic showing the cost per project.

alt - Other types of graphics, this time, showing the status for each project.

alt - Create a Gantt Chart with all your project data.

Create all these types of reports by only using this powerful graphic-reporting interface: eazyBI, supported with the information from your project custom fields, Profields. The advanced options are not even necessary. Trust us; we make work easier.

Still want to learn more about it?

Here is an instructional video that you may find useful: