alt The past July 6, at 17h in DEISER offices, the team put out a webinar about an integration we recently made between two add-ons available into the Atlassian Marketplace.
I'm talking about Profields, an add-on made to create custom fields for JIRA projects. With it, you'll see your searching experience improved, also your reporting skills; to complement this last feature, we decided to hook it up with eazyBI, another great add-on that allows you to create charts for your reporting duties.

His CEO, Raimonds Simanovskis told us how this integration came up:

During the webinar that DEISER's Product Manager, David García hosted, he offered interesting tips about this integration that you should have present if you're running this combined experience:

1. With Profields you can create as many Project Fields as you may want or need

alt Thanks to this feature, you can get more information about your JIRA projects with fields such as due dates, status or budgets; also it allows to see which one is open and add it another kind of information you may need.

2. eazyBI is one of the most sold add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace

alt There's a reason for that... this add-on allows you to get a perfectly well-structured information about your JIRA projects, thanks to the robust calculations the add-on can do, and it can be seen reflected through many options of charts that they offer.

3. What do you need to connect both of this add-ons successfully?

The answer is straightforward, and you don't need anything: You just need to have installed Profileds and eazyBI into the same JIRA instance. The rest will be almost automatic. See the video of the webinar, for more information about it:

4. Configuring your source data in eazyBI is very simple; It needs just a few clicks

You can select all JIRA projects you need; for that, configure previously in Profields all information about the projects and filter it by the specific information you need.
To set up this information in eazyBI, get into the configuration panel where Custom Fields are shown; there you will be able to see all Profileds parameters set before, that information you will convert into powerful charts.

Watch the video for the details about this procedure.

5. Profields will appear in eazyBI for you calculate the information you need

alt Through a simple interface, you will be able to see the dimensions of Profileds, and it will let you configure your reports in eazyBI.

6. It's important to separate the configuration of issues and project fields

During the setup of your reports in eazyBI, there's a differentiation between this two types of information:

  • The one that comes from predetermined from Profields.
  • The one that Profileds had organized for you to create reports in eazyBI.

7. Getting better reports charts is awesome with eazyBI

During the configuration of the add-on you will be able to setup the chart that better adapts to the information you want to show, and how do you want to show it in your reports with all your JIRA-Profields pieces of information. Yep, life is great.

If you want more information about each add-on, we encourage you to visit'em into the Atlassian Marketplace:

If you have any further doubt, don be shy, you can send us an e-mail to or get support from DEISER Team!