alt Following the recent improvement of one of our favorites add-ons (well, all of them are) with the integration with eazyBI, which helps you significant time to generate great graphics and charts, it was about time to enhance the Project Navigator (only Cloud version), a key feature of Profields.

The Project Navigator is the spine of Profields, given you can create custom fields, for whatever you may require, to keep arranged the information that you need, keep the track, and of course, get better results for your searches. Also, it allows you to export information in CVS files (enhance your exporting possibilities).

What a deal, right?


Before anything else, we guessed... you want to know in detail everything this upgrade can bring for you and what it can do for your work. This new Project Navigator will be helpful to:

  • Search and filter the information you need for your projects.
  • Detail priorities for your reports.
  • Order by columns the information, related as you may require it.
  • Save past searches for future opportunities.
  • Export information in CVS files.*

This is the first actualization in Profields, of a series of three, that very soon, it will bring the opportunity to expand your work experience, as we recently did with Exporter 2.0.

Now you will have the chance to take control of all the information you need such as due dates, budgets, and member names and combine it with better graphic interfaces thanks to this upgrade, now.

Here you can see a video offering an overview of this renewed critical feature for Cloud:

As usual, we want to hear you; it's the only way to provide you the best possible service and the product you deserve for your project management action plan. Don't doubt it, send us an e-mail to

*For exporting matters see more about Exporter 2.0.