It's been more than four years since DEISER published the first version of Profields for JIRA Server, it was 2012 and the idea was born because an spanish company requested and ordered the development to us. Since then, Profields has been evolving adding features and listening to the users.

Profields is a JIRA add-on that covers one of main gaps that JIRA has: is not possible to create custom fields for Projects, as the same way that you are able to do it for issues. A Project in JIRA only has three attributes: Leader, Name and Key but we all agree that a Project has much more important information like deadlines, people, budgets, time spent...

With Profields now is possible to have a place where storing all this information right in the JIRA Project. A place for having a quick look to check how are your projects going on, their status, responsibles, updates, due dates and much more. Keep all this information together and simplify your labour as Project Manager.

Now we are proud to announce that Profields is available for JIRA Cloud!

With this new add-on we wanted to do the things different, we didn't want to directly port the Server version to Cloud, we wanted to start from scratch focusing on users' needs.
We've given an extraordinary importance to the UX, making it the center of every important decission, we've spent a lot of time sketching and prototyping, building scenarios and user profiles. I think all this effort has worth it viewing the final results.

Special mention has the developement part, building a JIRA Cloud add-on is totally different than a Server one, we've dealt with the famous ReactJS in record time.

Let's take a look to what Profields for JIRA Cloud is able to do:

  • The onboarding: with no doubt this is one of biggest Profields features. Just after installing the user will navigate through a Tour and the possibility of create a Demo Project with Fields and a Layout to see at a glance what is possible to do with Profields.

  • Layout designer: organizing the fields has never been easy and powerful. Now you can create a beautiful and well organized Field Layouts with just few clicks.

  • Fields Manager: fields are the center of the add-on and when you have so many you'll need a place to manage and organize them. With the Fields Manager is possible to create, filter, search, delete and duplicate fields.

This are just the very first features of Profields for JIRA Cloud but the best is yet to come, in the next versions is in our backlog to:

  • Project Navigator: search and filter among all your projects and their fields.
  • Colors on fields: a better way to organize and identify your fields.
  • Traffic light fields: see at a glance the status of your projects.
  • Calculated fields: because information sometimes needs to be processed.
  • Gadgets: who doesn't like gadgets?

And the best of all, we have a launch discount until the end of 2016!! check out the prices and give it a try:

Profields for JIRA cloud.

Do you wanto know more? maybe a live demo? if you are in Atlassian Summit in San Jose please visit us at booth S2 and we'll be happy to have a chat.