alt We are very excited about this news, we've been working on this since a few months ago, and we are very proud of what has come: a renewed add-on with more exporting functionalities that you will find much more useful. Believe us; it's awesome.

What this is about?

This is about the new 2.0 version of Exporter for Server and Cloud** which come with lots of new essential functions that will make your exporting experience more productive, full of information, and just painless.

Let us tell you why!

Now, besides export JIRA issues, you can select all issues you want, with comments, transitions, links, attachments and any other custom field you may need for your reports into Excel and CSV's files compatible with any other compliant tool.
Outstanding features, given JIRA has discontinued, by now, this action.

Uhm, yep, we forgot to tell you: Also you can export more than 1000 issues!!

Key Features:

  • Export to Excel and CSV.
  • Link your exports to another JIRA issues.**
  • Export attachments, comments, and transitions for more information to your projects.
  • Get unlimited issues at the time. More than 1000!
  • Is a handy add-on for SLA's management.
  • Available in Server and Cloud.

alt We want to boost your exporting process, make it more painless and more pleasant; that's why the #DEISERteam have prepared a Spotify Playlist for this. We hope you enjoy it:

**ATTENTION: For better performance, we recommend updating to the new version available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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