alt About a month ago, Mariano, a member of the #DEISERteam, commented all the reasons you should consider for updating to JIRA 7, which main reason relates to the Atlassian politics about the time limit of technical support they offer: two years for each major version. This time, you should know something that has come with this upgrades; since 7.2.x JIRA version, the export function to Excel format is gone from their dashboard.

If you are a heavy JIRA user, you may know that by now, and yes, we are aware... you're probably concerned about the absence of this particular function that used to export information to Excel's format. Well, that wasn't exactly an Excel format, it was a .html encapsulated form that was entirely compatible with Excel. Due to the nature of that form, it was only possible to export the issue information and nothing else. An awkward situation for many JIRA users.

Here's when the < good news comes in>

In the barracks of DEISER, we listened to all JIRA users (well, we read* you) and decided to improve one of our favorites add-ons for JIRA: Exporter, which primary task is to export to Excel and CSV's formats your issues from JIRA projects. Oh, yes. It also exports transitions for each issue. A pretty good deal.

Given this kind exports are beneficial for JIRA users, you will become an Exporter user too, we can assure that. Let us tell you why:

Very soon, in a forthcoming release, we will launch a new version of this add-on in the Atlassian Market, and it will do a lot more that just export all those fields that we already told you.


It will have a bunch of functionalities that you will enjoy. The only thing is that you have to wait for us to finalize all the release details so that we can tell you more about it. We are building lots of solutions in the matter of exports, formats and information organization for your JIRA projects reporting tasks. Just painless...

< /good news goes out>