The Deiser's veteran add-on receives its eighth major version. Let's see what does it bring to us in this new release whose goal is to expand the possibilities of the add-on including many of the main requested features taking the user's feedback to the best.

Grouping mappings, relating different types of elements.

Why just relate elements or issues of the same type? This is what many users wondered and ask for. To satisfy this need EA Connector For JIRA allows to create groups of mappings that now are used to search JIRA's issues according to the contained mappings. The mapped fields change in accordance with the type of the processed element embracing much more mapping possibilities.

Mappings groups

Another important consecuence of this improvement is to enable the relationships between elements of different types to export and import them.

Mapping properties and tag fields separately.

One of the main lacks of the older versions was being unable to map tag fields and properties with the same name. For example: Status only could mean the EA's Status property although a tag field named Status had been created.
To fix it, from this new version EA Connector For JIRA allows to map the properties and the tag fields for each mapping in different grids. In case of coincidence both of the fields will be mapped and will be able to be exported end imported.

New mappings module

Exporting Scenarios, Constraints and Requirements.

Another requested improvement was mapping and exporting three important collections of elements of EA. The last version of the EA Connector For JIRA makes to enable the map and export of these collections including their main properties and sub-elements such as the steps. Besides, they will be exported to JIRA in an useful and understandable table format.

Mapping collections

Select a filter from which obtain the JIRA's issues.

In order to speeding the export process EA Connector For JIRA gives the possibility of selecting a filter to narrow the issue's selection. This feature carries one important limit in creating issues (to create issues is necessary to select a project) so the new elements node will be disabled.


Among with these features this version includes other interesting improvements such as a possibility of installing the add-on unattendedly and a more detailed description of the JIRA's relationships types.

We invite you to try this new version and tell us what you think.

Download EA connector for JIRA 8.0 Trial

Does it cover all your needs? Do you miss any feature? We looking forward to receive your feedback.