alt A new year comes, and with it, a new catWorkX Midsummer Day edition which will be in Hamburg, Germany. There, a great "community platform," as they have called will focus on all kind of Atlassian Solutions Partners and Experts. And of course, it will reunite elements from Atlassian's ecosystem around world. It includes many international add-ons manufacturers... and that's the part when we come in... into the creation of excellent add-ons, of course.

This is an event that promises to be very rich for the attendants, it will provide a new way to see how the Atlassian world works by seeing it in a more intimate perspective, also by establishing conversations with others Solution Partners. Besides us, also there will be Atlassian representatives and almost everything current into this exciting and productive technology environment that focuses on the enterprise development.

Our Agenda!

alt During the development of this event, we will have the opportunity to participate its two days, where David García, our Product Manager, will be in charge:

June 20

We will offer a workshop with a cool title and content: "The JIRA Fantastic 4: To boost Projects, Issue Exports, Team Management and Enterprise Architect". We will show the attendants how to improve their skills into JIRA administration through fantastic tools that will blow their minds.

June 21

We also are invited to throw a "live session" where we will show how to improve your JIRA experience into the exporting process; this talk will be titled: "Take the next step into the JIRA exporting information. Just painless". You should attend this session to amplify your knowledge about all the possibilities into the exporting process, especially if you are into SLA's management.

Besides this, catWorkX will be celebrating their "15 years in the market with Atlassian tools", an anniversary that without a doubt will promise good times.

This is an opportunity that couldn't be missed. One of the lasts steps of the second part of #DEISERtour.

See you all there!