alt Last June 1st we had the chance to celebrate once again the DEISER Enterprise Day Barcelona, a pioneer event in the Atlassian ecosystem, targeted to share above all, how enterprises, customers, and vendors have experienced JIRA, Confluence and all the products from the Australian software company.

We are very proud to organize the eight Enterprise Day, the fourth in Barcelona and the second in a row in the W Hotel. Pure luxury... in a great city, to welcome awesome speakers and attendees.

Spite the short time we had to organize the event, just four weeks after the Atlassian Summit Barcelona, the first in Europe, we congregate more than 70 attendees who shared their experiences.

The agenda had people from Atlassian, //SEIBERT MEDIA (one of the biggest Atlassian Solution Partners in the world) and other enterprises such as T-systems, Red Points, Desigual, and Netcentric.

First Part: Welcome, T-Systems and Red Points

Like every year's tradition, Guillermo Montoya was the designated host; he did a fantastic job talking about the ten years the DEISER Team have with Atlassian. That's history, fellows.

With Aitor Pérez y Sergi Ibáñez from T-Systems, we could get to know, in detail, every single step they took to implement JIRA Service Desk into their company.

Juan Galdeano, an old friend of Guillermo, gave a face to Red Points, a cyber security Startup, taught us how Atlassian Stack is helping his organization to boost their productivity in the developer's department. We're very sorry for the technical problems we had showing the video Juan prepared for his speech.

Coffee Time: Atlassian, Desigual, and Netcentric

Coffee is always needed to renew energy and interact with the attendees. This year has been one of the best DEISER Enterprise Day in that way.

This time was the session of Vlad Cavalcanti, Atlassian EMEA Channel Manager, a very close friend of DEISER who is continuously advising us on how to improve our business. This time, during his speech, showed how Atlassian have the best of their team by providing them a happy and productive environment. Very similar to what we are doing in DEISER since 2011.

Back to best enterprise practices with Atlassian tools, Fernando Sánchez pointed out every reason why Desigual (a well-known Spanish clothing brand), loves Atlassian. Fernando guided us through the experience using JIRA Service Desk and their evolution through time and its different versions.

Before the meal, Lorenzo Cubero, from Netcentric explained how JIRA Software is useful for teams that are not into IT. How it is used to Recruitment and Selection, vacations management and others talent management tasks; this was a different perspective about the use of Atlassian tools during DEISER Enterprise Day Barcelona 2017.

Lunch time! The prelude to an afternoon full of information

Other years we have had enjoyed other places in W Hotel; this time we had lunch at the seashore dining room aside of La Barceloneta. Honestly, was challenging to go back to the MEGA Room where the remaining speeches of DEISER Day were about to start.

The afternoon was all about the companies that work directly in the Atlassian ecosystem. //SEIBERT /MEDIA started with Tobias Reibling who taught the advantages of Linchpin, a Confluence based Intranet Solution; also he provided flashes about, an Atlassian Marketplace app (before known as add-ons) that has scaled very quickly lately (200K $ only in May). You should check'em out.

Atlassian was right back again in front, with a much more technical speech. Esteban Casuscelli talked about the "Premier Support" they offer. He explained how it works through a series of practices with enterprises that have needed a 24/7 support.

The last speech, given by Carlos "Charlie" Aparicio, one of our ACP's (Atlassian Certified Professionals) showed every solution that Atlassian Data Center can do for companies and why it's recommended.

A big "thank you" to every attende

Above all, the organizations and speakers that have attended DEISER Enterprise Day Barcelona 2017: T-systems, Red Points, Desigual, Netcentric and //SEIBERT /MEDIA. It was a great event, thanks to the quality of your interventions.

Of course, thanks to all who attended, it's always great to see you all. Thanks, Vlad, for the support, and Esteban, also from Atlassian, for your effort to show up exclusively to the event.

Finally, to the whole DEISER Team at #DEISERday: Charlie, Víctor, Daniel, Gema, Huwen, Adriana... every one of you did great.

However, for all those who couldn't attend, we will celebrate our ninth DEISER Enterprise Day, next November 21, in Madrid, at Teatro Goya. We hope to see you all there. We will try to overcome expectations.

*This is an English abstract of the original-Spanish blog post of our CEO, Guillermo Montoya.