alt At DEISER, we always find very useful to attend Atlassian Partners events, not just because is a great opportunity to show our products and being in touch with customers, but to exchange experiences with other professionals of our sector and learn from each other.

I'm talking specifically about the last edition of Catworkx's Midsummer Day, the last date of the second part of #DEISERtour, and the second event of this Atlassian Partner, that DEISER attends, and we are more than satisfied with the experience lived there. We cannot talk about Catworkx without mentioning Hamburg, a wonderful city in the north of Germany, with an excellent quality of living and big industry, it's always a pleasure to go there.

From this edition, I want to highlight three things learned from the days passed in Hamburg. insights that indicate how useful is to attend to this vendors events:

1. German customers don't like Cloud solutions

alt It's well known that privacy laws in the European Union are restrictive, and this is one of the main reasons why they don't move into Cloud solutions; servers outside the UE is not a good idea, that's why German clients prefer self-hosted solutions the 99% of the time. They prefer to have full control of their machines, data, and processes. I totally agree with them, and that's another reason why we have hosted our add-ons as much in Server, as well in Cloud.

2. The more events you attend, the more you feel like being in a family

alt There are many members in the Atlassian Ecosystem. Really, by just clicking into the market, you could get an idea... and when you start attending this kind of events, you have the chance to talk with many colleagues, add-on vendors, and other partners as well as us.

After many events, you start establishing good relationships with them, with the Atlassian Family. You can say there's sort of a team building situation due to these days where you can exchange ideas, present the news from your daily work, and of course, networking (Above, in the picture: teams of Comalatech, eazyBI -taking the picture-, and DEISER having a good time).

3. People never forget!

Last year was the first time for me to attend Catworkx MidSummer Day. At that moment we had the chance to meet with many new customers and people interested in our products. Their straight forward feedback was very valuable, but also our word given was essential for them, it's a promise. This time, many clients that came to our booth last year came by and demanded what we promised a year ago and recognized what we have changed in our add-ons. That was very comforting.

I also want to thank a lot to Catworkx's team for the great organization and the treatment received, we hope to make an event as well as this, next November 21 in Madrid, when we'll celebrate DEISER's Enterprise Day 2017.

We hope to see you next year!