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Keys to get the most from your Jira projects

Huwen Arnone
18-sep-2017 11:01:00

Last week, before Atlassian Summit San Jose 2017 started, David García, our Product Manager threw a webinar about the latest version of Profields which is already available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

What is Profields?

Profields is a very useful app at project level in Jira; if you have a significant number of projects, we are sure this is the right app for you. 

We know that sometimes you're looking for status information about your Jira projects, or a due date, and it seems to be impossible to get it.
Well, that's not a problem anymore. Profields allows you to create, add, manage and visualize all the specific project information fields you need, simply.

  • Profields has now faster loading times and a new design based on the new Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG3).

  • It allows you to classify through new field types: by Status and Priority.

  • You have new edition capabilities; we empowered Project admins functions!!

  • Now you can filter directly through Jira's Project Fields.

  • Create directly from the project's searcher, called Project Navigator, all the fields you need.

  • Save and reuse older project fields with the Layouts function. It will help you to work organized.

At this time, I bet you are curious about all these features of Profields: How they can work to boost your Jira experience? How it make easy to work with your Jira projects?
You will find all these answers down here, in the webinar David made a few weeks ago.

Watch the webinar below and be ready to welcome all the goodies this app offers:

If you have any further doubt, please be sure to read the documentation about the latest versions of the app and/or raise a ticket through our Support Portal; we will be more than happy to help you. It's what we do!

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