What's a project in Jira and how to track them effectively?

Huwen Arnone
Sep 18, 2017 11:01:00 AM

Organization is key when working with the projects in Jira, it is the only way to be useful and effective. In this blog post, we are going to just mention the advantages Projectrak (formerly Profields) for Jira offers to help you to cover your needs to track projects in Jira.

Native projects in Jira can limit on how projects are run, given its nature: it's focused on the issues and how to use them, which can be a bit restrictive and not practical at a project level, and here's when Projectrak become a game-changer. If you are not fully aware of what exactly are these entities in Jira, this video from Atlassian, might help.

What is a Jira project?

As Atlassian define it in its documentation, that "a Jira project is a collection of issues." On the following video you can learn how to use jira effectively, and get a wider picture about this definition for Server (it's similar to Data Center,) and after the video you'll learn why Projectrak is a suitable solution to track them in Jira (here's the video for Cloud)


What Projectrak brings to the table in order to track projects effectevely in Jira?

Because you have projects in Jira, the app Projectrak exists, it is available at the Atlassian Marketplace and it allows to:

Imagine summarizing all your work through two types of views (List View & Releases View) with the entire catalog of your projects organized according to your needs; this is how it feels to treat your projects as issues, welcome to the world of Projectrak for Jira.

What Projectrak is, then? (formerly Profields)

Projectrak for Jira is an app DEISER has created and designed, and previously you used to know as Profields, which came to life after a big company had difficulties managing their projects; Projectrak is a hub of features in Jira which enables to track projects based on customizable fields and properties of projects; if you have a significant number of projects in Jira, this is the right solution.

The following video reviews all the possibilities you can get from it:


Which advantages do I get from Projectrak to track projects in Jira efficiently?

Projectrak is an app that's constantly improving, by having new features based on the feedback from our customers. And among it main advantages we can number the following:

  •    Navigate easuly through your projects in Jira: Summarize all your work through two different views. Watch your entire catalog of Jira projects easily given it faster loading times, and a design interface based on the Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG3).

  •    Classify your data through different field types project property fields, you choose the information you need to display: budget, deadlines, status, priority, resources, calculated fields. Your goals  imagination are the limits. Check the different types of reports Projectrak offers.

  •    Make the projects in Jira available to the people who actually need to manage and track the correspondent information, relieve the work of Jira Admins.

  •    Save and reuse older project fields with the Layouts function. It will help you to work organized.

  •    Make mass changes across your projects in Jira. The Bulk Operations feature allows to modify hundreds of projects at once. It applies to categories, groups, roles (including Project Lead), and delete multiple projects with just one action.

Projectrak it's designed for the Atlassian's Data Center option, and performs at scale, nowadays several corporations across the globe use it to enforce project governance across sites, teams, verticals, and technologies.

At this time, you're probably curious about all of these features. Watch the recording of the webinar below and start taking advantage of the features this app for Jira project tracking offers:

Pass by the
Projectrak Documentation Center if you want more information about the latest versions, and/or raise a ticket through our Support Portal if you need any help.

Are you ready to start tracking projects in Jira with Projectrak?

Check below, we have prepared a guide that will help you to step strong by giving the most crucial steps with Projectrak. On the following use case you will learn how to organize and catalog projects in Jira, how to assigning them values to your Jira project fields so you can ensure you are giving the right steps with the app.

Catalog and organize projects in Jira

Organize and catalog your projects in Jira

Download a simple guide that shows a best practice to classify your projects in Jira in order to take full advantage of the features Projectrak for Jira project tracking gives.


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