Jira Project Reporting Academy 4: Create a project dashboard

Fabio Genovese
Jun 13, 2019 3:30:00 PM

The Jira Project Reporting Academy is coming to an end, a four step course that shows the best practice on how to centralize project data and visualize it with Projectrak (formerly Profields) and eazyBI. This time, you'll start learning how to create a Jira project dashboard.

This fourth lesson of the Jira Project Reporting Academy shows how to put together the pieces we’ve built until now to create a dashboard on a project-level. Just be sure to find the resources in our blog, and then, following the steps summarized below:

  1. How to keep the budget of a project permanently under control with Projectrak and eazyBI.
  2. How to combine issue-level information with project-level information.
  3. How to create powerful and memorable visualizations.


In previous parts, we defined three types of charts with project data:Gauge charts in eazyBI

How to set an status budget chart in Jira with Profields and eazyBI

How to set up a project Gantt chart in Jira

Now that we have the charts, I want to place them side by side to build a dashboard that will allow me to have my information always under control.

Since data is loaded on eazyBI, this dashboard will be created inside the app, and then loaded as a gadget on the dashboard tab in Jira.

On the upper menu, let’s navigate to Dashboards and hit the button Create a new dashboard.How to create a new project dashboard in Jira with eazyBI

We'll prompt this menu:How to create a new dashboard for projects in Jira

After that, I just have to select the reports I want to include:Add reports for Jira projects dashboards in Jira

Then, save the project dashboard 

Now I have to switch to Jira, where I’ll have to configure the Dashboard. Let's add the eazyBI gadget.Add new eazyBI gadgets in Jira

The gadget configuration is very easy, as you can see in the image below:How to edit gadgets settings in eazyBI

This is the final result:All reports into a Jira project dashboard

Final note

We have seen how eazyBI is the tool that best helps us in analyzing Jira's data and how, through the combined use of Projectrak and with the help of our imagination, it allows us to keep a project under control.

Congratulations for completing the Jira Project Reporting Academy! I hope that these steps have at least stimulated your imagination on how you can analyze the untapped data that lives in Jira to keep improving how you work.

Keep up the effort!

Of course, this is just the beginning, and the possibilities to keep working on project reports are endless. We'll keep adding content to the Jira Project Reporting Academy to help you practice and refine your skills. Stay tuned!


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