5 Simple reasons that make Atlassian Cloud even better

Guillermo Montoya
Oct 5, 2021 4:00:00 PM

Atlassian has been strengthening its Cloud offering since the last year, enhancing almost every plan: from the Standard, Premium, and Enterprise, adding new features almost every month to make out of the Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence the best possible experience; these are some of the reasons, besides the ones we'll mention here, that make Atlassian Cloud even better.

The novelty of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions has made it easier to access cloud-based solutions similar to the features already available for on-premises systems, with the difference these new technologies offer availability everywhere, among other standards we'll be discussing further.
Still, differences are remaining, which every day are getting closer. And Atlassian has explicitly publicly expressed their drive to reduce those differences; you can check that for yourself in their cloud public roadmap, and observe how they're focused on building a reliable solution to boost your team productivity.

Let's focus on the Atlassian SaaS offer and its main advantages for great tools such as Jira Software, Jira Software Management, Jira Work Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more. Let's go:

What is Atlassian Cloud?

Atlassian Cloud is a platform that compounds a series of software solutions hosted in a virtual storage space we call "the cloud," Its main difference from Data Center (or Server) is that it has the advantage of better response times and unlimited storage.

Atlassian Cloud is a must collaborative solution software, and here are four reasons we consider overall, the most relevant, that will make you want to switch to Atlassian Cloud:

1. Security and governance

The data handled in Atlassian cloud solutions are protected by encryption and administrative controls provided to enforce organization-level protection. These controls are SAML, SSO, two-factor authentication (2FA), and SCIM.

Learn more about the security compliance Atlassian Cloud offers >> 

2. Privacy and adaptability

Atlassian Cloud highlights its commitment to protecting data privacy by adhering to international best corporate practices such as GDPR or Privacy Shield and a compliance program adjustable to each customer's needs.

3. Reliability and scalability

Atlassian software products are designed to deliver high-performance and high-availability scenarios. They are based on the most robust technologies and infrastructures, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing users to scale confidently and securely.

4. Change management and support

Atlassian Cloud software tools place the user at the center during the entire process of development; as a result, it allows users to configure the software to customize it and make it work exactly how they need to. Besides, Premium Support is available when it's needed; switching to the Atlassian plan with this option available will be the only necessary step to do so.

5. The Atlassian Marketplace

A while ago, Atlassian Data Center was the most convenient choice, specifically for big enterprises (and still is, for specific situations, during this Atlassian transition to the Cloud and the end of life of the Server option).
Nowadays, history is other, and moving to the Cloud is worth considering since the infrastructure allows the Marketplace partners to create stable and robust products, which is another plus granted to this option. As an example of this situation, we've recently launched a version of Projectrak Cloud where we're gradually adding new functionalities and equating it with its Data Center version. Also, Exporter for Jira is getting exclusive features in its Cloud version.

Let's not leave aside Forge, a tool Atlassian has made to create apps for the Marketplace, especially for those in need of mirroring app functionalities from Data Center/Server in the Cloud. Forge allows companies to build custom solutions according to Atlassian parameters. Forge is a new development framework that, together with Connect, represents a more mature and stable solution; it guarantees the apps developed there meet customers' requirements beyond Jira.

Atlassian announced significant changes in their product offering strategy: They stopped selling and offering quotes for any Server product on February 2021. Either way, there's nothing to be alarmed about; you can rely on us in this blog and the contact button at the end of this post.

It's essential to find support from a trusted Atlassian Solution Partner, whichever your choice is; they will guide you to take the best possible decision, from the most suitable Atlassian product from the stack, the most suitable hosting, Atlassian Marketplace apps, configurations, and even training that will make you take the best out of your software.


Do you need help with your migration to Atlassian Cloud?

Did you find the answers to all of these questions, but you're unsure about the next steps? The migration process should be taken very seriously, given all the different scenarios involved in this process.

There's also no point in feeling overwhelmed about it; you can count on us as a companion through your migration journey; we take care of you, your needs, and configurations by adjusting them to each step and making the decision that best suits you and your teams. Contact us by clicking below.


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