It's Atlassian Cloud secure? Learn about its security compliance

Guillermo Montoya
Aug 26, 2021 4:00:00 PM

It's Atlassian Cloud secure? That's one of the several questions commonly raised among users. The security of your information stored in cloud products such as Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and others is important. That's why we will explain the benefits Atlassian Cloud offers to protect your information in compliance with different standards in the market.

The idea of handing over the security of your information to another company is always intimidating, and asking yourself if Atlassian Cloud is secure, it's an excellent way to start protecting data, given this option has become reliable. Atlassian customers have preferred the cloud over local configurations, and 94% of companies have reported improvements once they have moved to the cloud.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as Atlassian comply with current regulations by offering dedicated teams in charge of keeping your data safe and taking advantage of remote and secure practices that help your teams do the job.

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Atlassian Cloud Enterprise complies with security standards

Meeting regional or industry standards is non-negotiable, especially for companies whose clients trust them with confidential information. When working with on-premise settings, that compliance relies on you and your management: You are in charge of bringing in auditors, developing compliance roadmaps, and executing your plan.

One of the main advantages of CSPs is to take care of the heavy work involved in going through compliance certifications and offering technology that helps you comply with local regulations.
According to RapidScale, 91% of companies say that cloud solutions facilitate compliance.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise complies with significant security standards such as SOC2, SOC3, PCI-DSS, ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27018, and GDPR. Atlassian Cloud's most complete plan nowadays allows companies the Data Residency option, which facilitates choosing where their product data needs to reside (tickets, pages, etc.).

Because companies often have branches operating in different regions requiring data to be stored locally, Data Residency helps meet these regional requirements while keeping data safe and connected by sharing it with other teams.

How to keep data safe with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise?

Securing enterprise-grade data on-premises can be challenging. Besides consuming the IT department budget, it forces them to work tirelessly to stay on top of emerging threats and forefront of security best practices.

This story changes with cloud service providers such as Atlassian; they offer security by providing complete teams dedicated to keeping businesses protected and releasing patches as soon as they are tested and available. Unlike local teams, which may take longer (weeks or months). If you are worried about how this might impact your team's work, Atlassian is working on this "Release tracks" feature, which will allow you to control when to roll out these changes whenever is convenient for your organization

If you have Atlassian Cloud, your information is protected, that's guaranteed, which allows IT teams to focus on the projects and initiatives that matter to the business.

Having user provisioning and de-provisioning automation represents a time and money-saving situation since the team will not have to go through all the products and configuration access for each new employee.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise uses groups and permissions defined in your identity provider to assign access. For example, when a new employee is assigned to the Marketing team, in the directory, Atlassian products and workspaces used by the Marketing team will be immediately available to the new employee, with no additional investment in labor hours.

It's also possible to revoke access just as quickly. De-provisioning helps your team reduce the risk of data breaches by immediately withdrawing access when an employee leaves the company. The team will only need to flip the switch in the user directory, and the change will flow through the products.

Work securely with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise, anywhere

A great benefit of cloud solutions with data security features is easy access to the tools and workspaces the team needs, no matter where they are located, especially in a world where most companies have decided to work remotely. Working with Atlassian Cloud is safe for business; it only requires an internet connection.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise uses enterprise-grade authentication protocols like SAML SSO to authenticate employees through your identity provider. This will give you the benefit of secure authentication practices, while employees can easily access the Atlassian Cloud products using a single set of login credentials.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise also has visibility by centralizing audit trails and allowing different teams to check who accessed what page or project or downloaded or copied sensitive content. This enables quick changes to user access and immediate corrective action in the event of data loss. Either way, audit logs indicate questionable activity to your team.

If you need to check exactly which compliance and security certifications Atlassian has, we recommend passing by their Trust Center. If you need further information considering the possibility of migrating to Atlassian Cloud, don't hesitate to contact us or Atlassian itself. We are here to help you!

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How to migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

Are you need to migrate to Cloud, but you are not very sure about the steps you must take? Don't worry; you are not the only one.

You have arrived at the right place; we are Atlassian partners specializing in helping other teams get the best of each Atlassian product, including the migration process; if you need a helping hand, let us know by contacting us, clicking below.


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