Jira Workflow Properties: The great unknown

Lara López García
Jul 11, 2019 5:01:00 PM

Jira Workflow Properties are an advanced functionality of Jira workflows that allow adding restrictions to transitions and statuses. In this post we are going to cover a best practice (more workflow best practices, here) about this feature which is not very often used, and can generate occasional headaches if it's not taken into consideration. 

Where do the Workflow Properties go?

Depending on the functionality we're looking for, properties can be assigned to workflow statuses or transitions.

Learn how to create workflow transitions in Jira that react to project changes  >>

There are several properties. Today we will talk about the one less preferred, which is also the one we really hate. Ok, hate is a strong word, but it can make you work really hard, like REALLY!

In Jira, when workflows have more than three outgoing transitions, buttons are collapsed into a drop-down menu. However, there is a property that allows to rearrange the buttons, although we have many hidden transitions, the two most commonly used can be the most visible.

Typing opsbar-sequence under the workflow properties, together with the number 10 for the highest priority (20,30, etc ... for less), can rearrange our transitions.

As shown in the workflow, "In Progress" appears as the last option when logically it should be shown in the first place. To change it, we must edit our transition "In Progress".

How to set a workflow properties and make a transition in progress

Step 1: In the edited workflow, access "view properties".How to view properties in Jira workflows

Step 2: Add the property in the space provided and click "Add".how to add a property in the space for jira workflow transitions

We reorder our transitions in the desired order. Once changes are published, In Progress will be the first.

Equally loved and hated, we also have a property that allows making certain statuses non-editable: just make "jira.issue.editable" false.

  •   The good side: This property allows to create a non-editable workflow status without other apps.
  •   The downside: This property prevents modifying issues in the workflow status through bulk changes. In fact, in order to modify these issues the workflow will have to change. Therefore, this change would affect all tasks that use it.

As an example, we want our task not be editable in the status Closed.

Step 1: We edit it and access the workflow status to edit a workflow transition and access the status property

Step 2: Let's add the property for the status (this screen is slightly different from the properties of the transitions, but behaves like it.)how to add a property for the workflow status

And after publishing, the Edit button has disappeared.How to edit a workflow property

If you want more information about this, you can check all properties in Atlassian's official documentation.

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